Citation: Zimmerman M, Chelminski I, McGlinchey JB, Posternak MA: A clinically useful
depression outcome scale. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 49:131-140, 2008.

This questionnaire includes questions about symptoms of depression. For each item please indicate how
well, it describes you during the PAST WEEK, INCLUDING TODAY.

Not at all true (0 days)
Rarely true (1-2 days)
Sometimes true (3-4 days)
Often true (5-6 days)
Almost always true (every day)

I feel sad or depressed

I was not as interested in my usual activities

My appetite was poor and I didn't feel like eating

My appetite was much greater than usual

I had difficulty sleeping

I was sleeping too much

I felt very fidgety, making it difficult to sit still

I felt physically slowed down, like my body was stuck in mud

My energy level was low

I felt guilty

I thought I was a failure

I had problems concentrating

I had more difficulties making decisions than usual

I wished I was dead

I thought about killing myself

I thought that the future looked hopeless

Overall, how much have symptoms of depression interfered with or caused difficulties in your life during the past week?

How would you rate your overall quality of life during the past week?