Finding a suitable counselling service can be overwhelming. Here are five questions answered to help you on your quest for better mental well-being.

Where can I go to get some counselling help?

 Online websites.

An online search for counselling services is currently the most accessible way to make contact with counsellors. Online listings allow you more time to read up on the services they can offer you. You can also look up the available counsellors and send direct enquiries to them. have counsellors available for face-to-face and online sessions.

There are two types of websites. One is the website that takes you directly to specific counsellors with information on how to get in touch with them. The latter is a website that acts as a listing platform for all health services. Professional health listing sites will likely pass your information onto a pool of counsellors who will contact you based on the answers you have put in your enquiry. If you prefer to get fewer calls, try looking for specific agency websites, such as, where you can select whom you want to be in touch.

When looking for therapy using online search engines, try typing in specific keywords like counselling Auckland, online and CBT. Keywords help narrow down the counselling you would like and the availability in your area.

GP referral.

If you have a good relationship with your local GP, you can discuss your mental health needs with them. They will likely have a list of agency contacts you can have. While they can provide recommendations, their information is limited to what they know. You will still need to contact the agency or the counsellors to determine the costs and availability.

Citizens Advice Bureau – CAB is also a place to ask about available counselling organisations. Look in the phone directory for the local CAB number in your area. Again, they are limited to the current information on their records. You will need to reach out to a specific counsellor or organization to find out about current availability and costs.

What type of counselling therapy is right for me?

An essential factor in counselling is your relationship with the counsellor. Most counsellors will use a combination of evidence-based therapies below to help you with your mental health issues.

Psychodynamic or Psychotherapy –focuses on finding the roots of the initial emotional suffering and the following impact it has on you.

Humanistic Therapy – Focuses on finding your potential to make the best possible choices.

Behavioural Therapy – Believes that all observable or visible behaviours come from the environment.

Brief Intervention Therapy – Focuses more on the present issue and the existing tools within yourself to solve a specific problem.

Common modalities:

· Transactional Analysis Therapy

· CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

· Client-Centred Therapy

· Gestalt Therapy

· ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

· Solution-Focused Brief Intervention


How many counselling sessions will I need?

There will be times you want to engage with a counsellor regularly or take a break to have more solitude to process your current journey. You can choose how many therapy sessions you wish to have. Regular counselling sessions can be helpful when you are feeling more stressed or anxious. Through therapy, you can
learn coping mechanisms to help you build resilience in your daily life.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”- Lao Tzu

What can I talk about in my counselling sessions?

You can share anything you want in your counselling session. It takes courage to be open about your vulnerabilities. Counselling therapy works best in a trusting and caring environment. You can also have a support person with you to your counselling session. Discuss with your counsellor about whom you would like to bring to the session and what the counsellor can do to facilitate a safe space for both of you.

Can I make appointments for counselling after 5 pm or at weekends?

Engaging in therapy when you are not rushed or distracted can benefit the process. There are counsellors that can do weekends and evenings. You can try online counselling if you cannot find local agencies that suit your current life schedule. Counsellors NZ specialises in online counselling via Zoom. You can book with a
counsellor of your choice on our platform without going on a waitlist.