Frequently Asked Questions

Counsellors NZ – Online Counselling via Zoom.

Appointment Information

Can I change or cancel my appointment?

Yes, please give 24 hours notice when changing or cancelling your appointment. You will be given a full refund when cancelling within the required notice period. 

Will I get a refund if I have technical issues and don’t keep my appointment?

It depends, if you check to ensure you can connect soon after booking your appointment and contact us, we may be able to help you get setup. If you leave it to the last minute and find you have problems the counsellor may charge you for the missed appointment.   

Can I do telephone counselling with a counsellor at

The Counsellors NZ platform specializes in offering video counselling sessions. Some counsellors may arrange to call you for the session should you encounter technical issues or just prefer to have your sessions over the phone.

Online Counselling

Is online counselling for everybody?

No, clients who are high risk and consider themselves at risk of harm to themselves or others are not generally considered good candidates for online counselling. 

Online clients need to be able to find a safe place that allows them to engage in the session and talk freely with the counsellor. This is not always possible at home or work.   

How to choose a counsellor or therapist?

Does the counsellor mention your main issue in their profile? If they do, it is a good indication that they have had a lot of experience and additional training to help clients with that particular issue. Some counsellors choose to write articles in our articles section. Is what they have written helpful?  

Ask A Question

Ask a question. For emergencies, call 111 or visit your nearest hospital

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