Social Media

Marketing is all about gaining exposure and getting clients.

You have started that journey by putting your profile on Counsellors NZ.

Creating Links to and From your Counsellors NZ profile

Social media links can be added from your Profile (top right – red arrow) in your store manager:

Store Manager
A general rule for social media platforms is that they like traffic being sent to them but only like sending traffic away if you pay for adverts.
So, sending traffic to them will help boost your posts without paying. You will then want to promote yourself by every so often asking people to reach out to you via personal message on the platform if they need support. Social media platforms will then rank your post as engaging, and that is what they want. 

Ranking your profile in Google.

Writing unique articles and publishing them on will also help rank your profile in Google. Each article has an internal link back to your profile. Google likes to see unique content. If you don’t have time to write unique content, you wish to consider publishing any of your counselling assignments or ongoing learning that you have completed as a counsellor.

Once you submit these articles, we may do some SEO tweaks to ensure these counselling articles have the best chance of ranking.

Setting up profiles on other websites:

Setting up profiles on other websites to help create additional traffic to your profile.

Here is a recommended list of other websites that you list on and get traffic to your profile.

I have listed them from most effective to least effective.

Psychology Today – excellent value and first 6 months is free

Psychology Today
Psychology Today – for registered & unregistered professionals

Clearhead – free listing

Clearhead – for registered mental health professionals only

Bark is very expensive to reply to inquiries. Free to set up a profile.

Bark – for registered & unregistered professionals