David Gaze – 60 minute Counselling Session – Online/In Person

$120.00 60 minutes

Bachelor’s Degree – Counselling
Provisional Member, NZCCA

Accepting Clients: Yes
About Me

I became a therapist so I can help people heal and develop into who they want to be. I am passionate about being as effective as possible as a therapist, so that when you are ready for the next step in your healing/growth journey, it can be as efficient, powerful, empowering, and painless as possible. 

Therapeutic Approach
My approach to therapy is grounded in understanding of relationships, memory, trauma, different parts of the personality – and how these can heal. I use an integrative approach which brings together practices from EMDR, Somatic approaches, and IFS, while being supported by Person-Centred and Narrative Therapy skills.

Often many problems such as anxiety, depression, feeling stuck, or isolation, may relate back to earlier experiences. I can help to make these connections if they are there, and figure out together what the best way to work toward resolution, often transforming the initial problem.
e.g. Anxiety related to the earthquakes – once the memories of the earthquakes are healed/resolved, the anxiety that resulted from them often also resolves, or at least reduces significantly. This means that instead of only offering some ways of managing the anxiety, I also offer ways of resolving the underlying cause.

Areas of proficiency:
While I am interested in helping you regardless of what you want to work on, I am particularly interested in helping people overcome anxiety, trauma, and other experiences which have been distressing such as childhood bullying, abuse or neglect.

 If you have any questions, click the ‘Ask a question’ button below booking – I try to respond within 24 hours.

Alternatively, send an email to davidgazetherapy@protonmail.com or text 02885240562

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